Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Trip to the Big City

No, not Dallas. This time it was Ft. Worth. I drove Rachel for some PD in north Ft. Worth (no, friends, PD does not stand for Partnership Development; it stands for Professional Development). I passed some of the three hours at a park reading a book, the weather was just lovely. At one point I tried to find a fast-food place to get something to drink and found myself with only pawn shops, cash stores, and tattoo parlors around. Finally, I found a Jack-in-the-box. And while I don't especially like being the taxi, at least I get reimbursed for my trouble!

These PD sessions are required by R's new job, and they will enable her to renew her teaching certificate, at their expense, not hers. Today she deposited her first paycheck and declared, "Now I have money, but no time to spend it." Such is life. :-)

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