Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Suitcase Emergency

While putting his suitcase in the van for the trip to the airport, the metal connector piece broke on the handle.

I told Andrew to drive, and I ran back in the house and grabbed my supplies. As we drove to the airport I repaired the handle with nylon rope, and sealed the tie with a match flame so it wouldn't come untied.

It looks pretty oafy, but I hope it will make it to Addis Ababa.


Ma Hoyt said...

Thainamu, how do you think of these things so fast ?

I might have come up with that same idea....after a week or two.


Thainamu said...

Ha! It's what we call missionary. As in, "Mom, that's so missionary." :)

Ma Hoyt said...

Oh...I get it. As in, he might as well have been wearing a huge sign on his back that read, "I'm a missionary kid and my mom fixed this suitcase."

Say, wouldn't that be a good idea for a T-shirt?

(By the way, we still have the couch and love seat that came from missionaries. And they are starting to look pret-ty sad)

Thainamu said...

Maybe it is time for me to break out some of the used tea bag stories.