Saturday, January 10, 2009

Garage Sale and Lip Reading

I rarely go to garage sales, but this one was just around the corner. Mr. Olson's wife died earlier this year and he is having to move to California to live with his daughter. So he had a garage sale and I bought about $60 with of stuff. One item cost $40 and that shall remain a secret until Gary's birthday. But the rest of the stuff cost between $1-$5 each.

I ended up with a skinny bookshelf that worked perfectly as a nightstand in the apartment. Then I took the nice typing table, a file drawer on wheels, and a section of metal shelving to reinvent my computer set up.

I tried really hard to finish this conversion while Gary was outside, which didn't quite work. He can't see the point of switching furniture around as often as I do, though it is undeniable that it at least accomplishes the feat of removing a foot of dust and cat hair from behind everything.

The truth is, I made this switch so that I can see Gary's face when we are working together on reading his email each morning. Either he has learned to mumble in his old age, or I'm going deaf, so with the computer in this configuration, I can read his lips and won't have to say "what?" so many times.


Ma Hoyt said...

Ha! The same thing is happening to me. And with this confirmation from your experience, I think we can conclude, without any doubt whatsoever, that both our guys are mumbling.

Don't you think that's more plausible than you and I going deaf at the same time?

Ma Hoyt said...

Or would that be "you and me?"

Thainamu said...

I certainly do think your conclusion has merit. however, the unfortunate fact that both my grandmother and my mom have hearing aids worries me a bit. I am definitely going to ask for a hearing test during my next physical. Which will be scheduled as soon as I lose enough weight so the dr. won't yell at me! :-)