Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things That Go Wrong

Little things, really.

I got an email from the credit union saying my check card, which I use on a daily basis, was in a batch of cards that a merchant said were potentially compromised and they had canceled it, thank you very much. Expect a new one in about 10 days.

I asked the lady at Target to replace my watch battery, but she couldn't get it open either. And then I dropped the watch on the floor and one of the pins fell out from the band and fell apart. Next time, just buy a new watch.

My car is making a strange squeaking.

My hallway carpet is getting really dirty during this remodel.

The cat is still confused as to where her litter box is now located since the bathroom is still missing. (Lots of good progress there--we expect it finished this week some time.)

Baby Isabella was rejected from residency in her current country because there weren't enough stamps, raised seals, and signatures on her birth certificate. So we're working to secure same.

It seems like I had a few more of these things to add, but I see that none of these things is all that serious, now that I've written them down.

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