Sunday, February 15, 2009

1001 Posts on Valentine Weekend

As I was logging in to post today's photos, Blogger informed me that my last post was the 1000th in the history of The Empty Nest. Wow, much ado about not much, I reckon. But the subtitle still goes: my nest is empty, so I talk to myself. I like other people to read it, but this blog is mostly written for myself. This blog started in April 2004, so it is nearly 5 years old. Blogs are measured in dog-years, you know. That makes this blog nearly ancient.

Anyway, today we had another fun time with food and music for Valentine's weekend. This time we attend dinner theater put on by Waxahachie Community Theater and held at Park Meadows Baptist church. We drove to Waxahachie (about 30 minutes south) after church, and a nice dinner served by the church youth group, and then enjoyed a music review of love songs ranging from country to Broadway and a few odds and ends thrown in too.My camera isn't that great, and we were seated in the back table, but you get the idea. These three men sang a song my dad used to sing to me: Kaw Liga. Anybody reading this blog old enough to remember that?? It was #1 on the country songs hit parade the year I was born.

Our friend and colleague David, who invited us to the show, sang several solos and duets and perfomed in the Abbott and Costello Who's On First? David apparently has many talents; not only can he sing, he also is the co-author of Birdstack software/website and is a photographer for his day job.


Ma Hoyt said...

Ha! I didn't recognize the song by it's title, but when I went to the link I realized it's one I've heard on Lawrence Welk. (yes, we still watch it on PBS) I always thought they were saying "Elijah" :-p

It's one of my favorites!

So, even though I was born in 58 I DO know of that song, via reruns of the champagne music maker.

And suddenly, I feel very powerful.

Thainamu said...

Ma, that is funny. When I started talking about that song our daughter said, I thought they were saying "Elijah."

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it, but Bolt (aka David) is one talented individual.