Sunday, August 02, 2009

Birding in Ethiopia

I had such a good time birdwatching while we were in Ethiopia. My son joined me when he could--that was fun too.

I ended up tentatively identifying 83 birds--all but one were new ones for me. To see my full Ethiopia list, check here.

I took photos of as many as I could, and with a crummy camera, that isn't' easy. But click here to see my online album of Ethiopia birds.


Ma Hoyt said...

Wowee, Thainamu.

I is jealous !

Did you take a special bird identification book along? Or did they have one there for you to use?

Thainamu said...

Yes, Andrew had a regular field guide for east Africa, and then I bought a long a thin volume about endemics. I got a lot of use out of my new binoculars, and they made Andrew jealous. It really was so much fun--when we went to the Rift Valley lakes there were so many new birds at once I couldn't keep up!