Monday, April 05, 2010

Fail. Or is it Epic Fail?

I'm an oaf. Here is a list of my recent failures:

1. I tried to file our income tax form tonight using the Free Fillable Forms process. Not only was it too much work, one of the forms didn't work right and stalled the process. I sent an email to IRS. Yeah, like they're going to read it.

2. Speaking of the government, I can't believe I put the WRONG AGE for both myself AND my spouse on the recent census form. (I did put the correct DOB.) Besides my failing memory due to this extra large number, I blame this on the fact that I use my age as part of one of my miserable passwords (ihatepasswords) and when the website forced me to update my password, in response to my griping my HELPFUL friends told me to just add one to the number. So I did, and then after months of using this new password, I just assumed X was my age, instead of X + 1. AAAAAARRRRRGGG!

3. My Easter dinner. I decided to be cool and buy goat to roast for Easter dinner. You know, just like the Israelites at Passover. It turned out the texture of kid leather! Impossible to chew. Only good thing--I DIDN'T invite anyone over for dinner! After dinner I boiled it for 3 hours, and then at least the meat was soft enough to remove from the bones.

Let's see. Is that all? Well, it is enough for now.


que Sarah Sarah said...

I had a day like that last week...but this too shall least that was what I keep telling myself..haha

que Sarah Sarah said...

speaking of fail..notice how my grammar was completely incorrect in my last comment? Now don't you feel at least a little better? :)

Ma Hoyt said...

But Thainamu, you HAVE to fail once in a while, otherwise I would be totally depressed from all those things you can fix around the house, most of which I would never even wish to try, let alone have a chance of accomplishing.

(do I get a prize for the run-on sentence?)

Margaret said...

I admire you - I haven't even opened my income tax envelope yet. I have to tell them my AGE?????

Dana said...

Well, at least you can feel young--you know about fail and epic fail. I only learned about the current use of those words over spring break!

And you do get kudus for TRYING to cook goat! I enjoy goat meat, but have never been brave enough to fix it myself.