Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not Quite Digiscoping

If I were rich, I'd buy myself some good optics to watch birds. Like a spotting scope. And then I'd hook my camera to the scope and take bird pictures like the pros. They call it digiscoping.

In the meantime, I'm trying to take photos through one side of my binoculars. Here's the photo without the binoculars:

Here's the same photo through the binocular lens:

Of course, trees stand stiller than birds, and trying to make this technique work with a real bird is quite a bit harder! If you look hard, you'll see a chipping sparrow.

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Dana said...

Very cool. My son just got binoculars for his birthday, and I found a great birdbath for my husband for his. I never would have thought of adding a camera to the combination, but it sounds like a great idea (though it might take more coordination than I've got!)