Saturday, October 16, 2010

"New" Computer Bag for 17inch Laptop

Gary took my advice and got a large laptop for his work traveling machine. He really didn't want the extra weight, but I talked him into it based on the fact that he could actually see it better. It recently arrived. Next problem, find a computer bag--one that would hold a large laptop and had wheels.
We decided rather than trying to find another bag, we would try to retrofit a nice carry-on bag that we already owned. The computer pocket inside the bag's outer compartment was intended for around a 12" laptop, so we had to find a way to enlarge it.
I decided to cut the bottom out of the pocket, leaving the sides intact, and then placing a foam bumper at the bottom of the suitcase compartment where the laptop would rest. I cut a piece of foam just the right size,
and then encased it in clear tape to make it both stronger and to keep the little pieces from crumbling.

I do believe we have a winner! Now we just hope Gary actually likes his new computer and doesn't end up wishing he had gotten a littler one.


Ma Hoyt said...

Oh are so clever. And you don't get paid nearly enough.

Thainamu said...

You got that right! (at least the part about the pay!) :-)