Sunday, December 19, 2010

Emergency Edit

Friday mid-afternoon we headed to Granbury for our annual sleepover with three other couples. Always a great time. But this year I asked Gary to leave earlier in the day so that I would not have that low south sun directly in my eyes for the drive. Leaving early was OK, except there was "just one more" thing he had to do. So once we got to Granbury we found a hometown coffee shop that had free wireless internet. I pulled out my netbook and read the two-page proposal to Gary who then edited it and sent it off. He's hoping the proposal gains $37,000 in year-end giving to fund the development of a short documentary about "shellbooks"--a tool for delivery of localized information into the languages of the world. (And by "information," I mean everything from translated scriptures to booklets on health and hygiene.)

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