Friday, April 22, 2011

What Would Jesus Do on Earth Day?

Today is Good Friday, and we have a day off work. I got a phone call this morning asking me what I planned to do today. I said I was planning on fixing Rachel's toilet. My caller laughed and said, "I guess that is something Jesus would do today."

I'm notorious for making things worse before they get better, and this repair job was no exception. The repairs went so badly I soon realized that replacing the entire toilet was going to be easier than fixing it, and the side benefit would be many gallons of saved water (and thus lower water bills for Rachel) since the old toilet was high-volume, original equipment, some 30 years old. Making a change to save water seemed like a good thing to do on Earth Day.

When the rusted bolts refused my hacksaw, the hammer was the next logical choice. It didn't take long and the old toilet was out, if in a hundred pieces. I sliced my thumb open while removing ceramic shards out of the old wax ring, shedding probably less than a teaspoon of blood, but enough to make Rachel nearly pass out!

The job was completed within 12 hours, but that included four trips to Home Depot, one trip to Lowe's, and a Good Friday service. Oh, and there will be a fifth trip to Home Depot tomorrow since the toilet seat that came in the kit was broken out of the box.

I finished the toilet with just enough time to clean up the mess before we went back to church to take our turn at the prayer vigil. The hour passed quickly in prayer and meditation about Jesus shedding his blood on behalf of his created Earth.

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