Saturday, December 03, 2011


I think I've caught my coworker's cold.  Not feeling so great, just kinda low energy and stuffy/runny nose.  I did sleep pretty well, but I already feel like I need a nap.

I finished my Christmas card stamping projects--cards and gift tags--and if I get some energy, it is time to start the Christmas baking.  I want to do the baking so I can send some of it off with Christmas gifts that I hope to mail this week.

We're also busy at church--several choir activities, and I'm teaching Sunday School during Advent.

I've had some worries this week, but of course, worrying about them doesn't help much, does it?  God, give me the strength to let  you take care of it.

350. a beautiful fall tree outside my computer window
351.  gifts made for others
352. one clean room
353. leftovers--I just found two turkey drumsticks in the freezer
354. people who give without considering the cost to themselves
355. lots of rain today--will it make a dent in the drought?
356. a warm and safe place to sleep

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