Wednesday, June 07, 2006

25 Years Ago Today

Keep my teaching with you all the time; write it on your heart. 7:3.

...I was giving birth to baby Rachel at Kilu'ufi hospital in Auki, Malaita, Solomon Islands. The recovery room contained 10 newborns with their mothers and grandmothers. We were given half a loaf of bread and a tin cup of sweet tea the next morning. We gave Rachel a middle name from the language we were living in, Fiito'ona, but we anglicized it to Fitona. It means 'faith'.

A week ago today we were ceremoniously shutting the door between our side of the house and hers, so now she has been living in her "own" place for a week. So far, she seems to enjoy it (except for not having a dishwasher), especially now that she has a new kitty to keep her company. She also potted a plant for her new home. Women need living things to care for.

I've lost my car--again.


Anonymous said...

mom, i understand that it was the 80s and that you were in a part of the world where style didn't matter much. But still, how could you wear those glasses? They are beyond hideous.

Thainamu said...

I agree that they were ugly, but if you look back at photos of all the other cool people from 25 years ago, you'll find they were wearing them too. Peer pressure is a terrible thing, you know.

calm said...

Congratulations! While I agree that those glasses do seem kind of old fashioned today I'm starting to see them more and more modeled with modern ones (yes...the ones with the big rims) so they might be coming back in style...who knows?