Tuesday, June 06, 2006

50 Years, 90% Sure

A man who commits adultery hasn't any sense. 6:32

Last night we attended a 50th anniversary celebration for missionary friends. These two both have a terrific sense of humor, so that made their party a fun one. Their kids had organized a photo tribute that covered the two New Testaments they produced in Papua New Guinea, and we saw a video of the dedication of the most recent one. Their daughter seems to have inherited her parents' sense of humor--inside the lovely arch, decorated with tulle and golden wedding bells, were two wheel chairs.

Today the husband of this couple was at coffee break with us and he talked about the fun evening. Then he mentioned a phone call he had had with his daughter when she was dating her now husband:

"Dad, I like him, but I'm just not completely sure. I'd say I'm about 90% sure."
"Karol, I've been married to your mom for over 40 years now, and I'm still only about 90% sure!"

We all got a laugh out of that, but he said on that advice Karol realized that she had a good thing and that she should proceed, even if she still had a few doubts.

In other news, Rachel got a call today to interview for another Christian school as a Kindergarten teacher. And she got a call today for a date. I have no idea how either of these things will turn out, but it is always nice to be asked!

Andrew called me via Skype tonight--it worked really well and was free.

I've lost my keys--again.

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