Saturday, July 08, 2006

Another Empty Nest

Wow, isn't Google maps great? Got to love those satellite photos. Last Saturday we visited Joe Pool Lake and found a nest of bluebirds. Today I found on the satellite image the very tree where we saw the full nest. Start at the westernmost parking spot, walk to the picnic table covered with a red roof partially shaded by trees, then walk 5 yards further west and there they will be.

Or so we thought. Late this afternoon Gary finished writing a paper he's been working on, so we made a picnic and took off to see if the bluebirds were still there. We were quite disappointed. The nest was completely empty, but it hardly seems those babies were old enough to fledge.

Then we found another spot to have our picnic, and Gary complained that I brought salad with chicken on it instead of hamburgers or sausages to grill. Turns out the previous occupants of this picnic site had left their coals burning, so to stop his complaining I took one thin strip of chicken breast off my salad and roasted it for him. :-)

There wasn't a lot of wildlife to observe at this location, unless you count all the speedboats and waverunners, but there were a few butterflies.


Ma Hoyt said...

Wow. Your toenails look very clean and put my roughed-up feet to shame.

That butterfly looks a lot like a Tawny Emperor...

(were you aware that your 3rd toe is almost longer than your 2nd one?)

That last notation is probably a sign that I need to get to bed. (11:50)

Thainamu said...

Aaargh! You've discovered by one and only physical flaw!! My toes are weird, there's no denying it.

And that's why I'm warped, you understand. One day when I was a freshman in Bible college, I was standing around in sandals with a bunch of kids. One of them, who just happened to be the college president's cute son, had to point out to everyone in the group that my middle toe was longer than my second toe. I've been suffering self-image problems ever since.

Ma Hoyt said...

Well....*sigh*....I loath myself thinking I may have added to your self-image problems.

How-ever, chances are very slim that the president's son ever had a butterfly land on HIS toe, or that he had the presence of mind to take a picture, OR that he even carried a camera with him.

(and, it's the ones who looked "cute," young, that usually look the worst, later on)