Sunday, July 16, 2006

Preparations -- Leisurely

We leave for Honduras very early Tuesday morning (Thanks, Michael, for your willingness to takes us so early). We are starting to get ready, but on a leisurely pace. Tomorrow will be the day for panic preparations. So far we have:
  • Put address/phone/email labels on the insides of the suitcases.
  • Packed two old hardside suitcases with children's books, for transshipment to Ethiopia when Andrew goes again (very heavy!).
  • Prepared a first draft of a "Things to do/People to call" list for Rachel and Doro.
  • Printed out a hardcopy list of my email addresses and snail mail addresses.
  • Reinstalled the OS on Gary's aging laptop (well, we didn't do this ourselves, we took it to the computer help desk).
  • Installed a bunch of software on said laptop: Office, Skype, Firefox, XML Spy, Lotus Notes, AIM, some security software, etc
  • Collected a bunch of stuff to take to Andrew and Laura: sun screen, CDs, picture hangers.
  • Bought a book about Central American birds.
  • Read a little about the Mayan ruins at Copan.
  • Read the World Factbook page about Honduras.
  • Oh, and I can't forget to mention that Gary has gotten a good start on creating the Access database. Lucky for him, one of our office coworkers actually know how to program in Access, so he has been helping Gary quite a bit.
As for Rachel, she's baking some cookies to send to her brothers and Laura. If we don't eat them all first.

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