Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another Million Pieces

But this time the damage can be repaired with just time and money.

When we got home from church Sunday afternoon, we found someone had shot out a window on Rachel's car. There were two other BB indentations on the car too.

We cleaned up the glass in 105 degree heat. Have you ever vacuumed your street before? Neither had I. Then we walked around the neighborhood, and when I found that the neighbor's van window had also been hit, I took this accidentally artistic photo of it.

Rachel called a couple places and found it was going to be close to $200 to buy new glass, so the man who sold her the car suggested his favorite junkyard. That sounds like a good idea except who wants to send their daughter to a junkyard??

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charischild said...

I had a friend with a missing car window last summer. I don't know where she finally replaced it, but in the interval before it was fixed, she taped the whole thing over with clear cellotape... which allowed her to use the air conditioning. I thought it was an interesting enough idea to pass it on. =)