Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fixing Glass(es) X 3

I spent an hour at the optician office yesterday trying to get Gary's desperately needed reading glasses repaired, but with no luck. So I cannibalized another pair of reading glasses to fix them, at least temporarily.

Then there was the broken pane of glass in R's apartment, which, ironically was broken by a lovely stained glass cat as its chain broke and it fell.

Then there is the broken window in Rachel's car. We tried to get one at a junkyard, but no luck there. But one of the junkyard dealers told us to try the internet. I typed in the search criteria to a generic used car parts site, and within 5 minutes or so I had 10 emails from around the country saying they had it. So I called one place in Kansas and they said they would get it here in 1-2 days! If that really works, I'll have to find someone to install it.


Ma Hoyt said...

Thainamu Dear, judging from your photos (both today's and earlier ones) I'll bet you could do it yourself.

Coincidentally, our dryer broke down soon can you come up?

Thainamu said...

I'd love to come visit! I've actually got more experience with washers than dryers. My problem is that I'm not afraid to try to fix things, even though my track record is far from 100% Sometimes I just break things worse! Almost always I have a few extra screws left over when I'm done.