Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Original Art

Rachel is fortunate to have these examples of original art in her apartment. All of them, except the pottery, started as photographs.

This is the Dallas skyline, from a photo Rachel took when she went to a Maverick's game with friends a couple years ago.

Everyone takes photos of bluebonnets.

Grandma Judy makes beautiful pottery. I love to give her pottery as wedding gifts.

Grandpa Wendell has taken up making stained glass, and asked for a photo of a kitty we used to have.

The last one is a woodburning, made by an MK friend. Rachel took the photo when she was a camp counselor a couple years ago.


Caleb Bell said...

Wow -- I really like those dishes.

Thainamu said...

She does a great job. I'm getting a piece of her pottery packaged up for a wedding gift for Chelesy this coming Saturday.