Thursday, September 07, 2006

More On This Topic

The topic of living with adult children came up again tonight. Should an adult child be allowed to ignore the parents' rules--nay, even the parents' wishes--while enjoying mommy's home cookin' and daddy's roof over his head?

I don't think so.

If an adult child can't live by the house rules, then it is time for him or her to find his or her own house.


julie said...

I met a man in LA who gave his 18 year old a huge birthday party. After the party, and everyone had gone home the man said to the kid.. so.. you like being an adult now? And the kid was all.. oh yea dad! This is going to be great.
The man then smiled and said, great.. because you're rent is due at the first of the month. The kid kind of chuckled and thought the dad was joking. Then the dad went on, and if you don't pay by the first of the month you will have to pay a penalty. By the third month of non-payment, you will find your clothes on the front yard and you will move out. :-D.. enjoy being an adult!
The kid started paying rent..
It might be a bit drastic.. but it sounded like the dad and the kid had a good relationship so it wasn't taken as extreme.

silvr said...

i agree to this in reason, granted my parents rules were that you had one summer after high school to move out, but if you stayed a full time student you could live there until one summer after you graduated college. But it was also hard during the summers in between college. I am a respectful person, but my parents had a hard time adjusting to difference between a college daughter and a high school daughter. I still did chores, helped around the house, but things like curfew are useless to someone who's used to staying up at college.

Thainamu said...

My problem with curfew was that at that stage, none of us had cell phones. I wasn't so much against kids staying out late, but I did worry about their safety, so if they had no way to easily contact me, then I wanted them home so I could go to sleep. With each person having a cell phone, and keeping it turned on and charged up, it makes it easier contact each other if there is a problem.