Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Remember those days in elementary school when they were chosing up teams during PE class? The strong were chosen to be captains, and their job was to choose teams. Those kids with no pride would yell, "pick me, pick me!" in hopes of not being left with the rest of the losers who couldn't play, taken in the last round. Such a cruel procedure.

Sometimes fruit hanging from a tree seems to call out, "pick me, pick me!" too. There is a right time for picking. If one picks the fruit too soon, it is hard, sour, and underdeveloped. If one picks the fruit too late, it is mushy, rotten, and overripe.

If you haven't yet been picked, maybe it is more because you aren't quite ripe yet, rather than you're a loser who can't play.

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