Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dryer Lint

Just when you thought I could come up with no more useless things to post about, today I'm talking about dryer lint.

And apparently I'm not the only one. If you google "dryer lint" you will find such things as an official dryer lint webpage, ideas for using lint in craft projects, a website that looks like a science fair project on dryer lint, and even dryer lint pets.

But today the point is to thank the Lord for protecting us from a dryer fire. We did have a small dryer fire a few years ago, so since then I have tried to be more careful about cleaning out the dryer vent hose. Today I decided to try venting the warm, humid air into the house while I dried the clothes (don't try this if you have a gas dryer). When I disattached the hose I jiggled loose a large amount of dryer lint that was apparently being held inside the dryer with a bunch of toothpicks (these must come from Gary's clothes, since he carries them around). I was amazed at home much lint blew out of the dryer and I realized that it could have easily caught on fire.

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