Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Exploding Baby Carrot Myths

After finding this exploded baby carrot today, I was forced to search the internet high and low (well, actually it took 0.21 seconds) to figure out where baby carrots came from anyway. It's a conspiracy--we've all been misled.


Caleb Bell said...

How did it explode like that? I always assumed that baby carrots were whittled down from regular-sized ones -- they're too perfect to be natural -- I just wondered how much of the carrot we were throwing away to get them that small.

Melchizedek said...

Don't they come from mommy carrot?

Thainamu said...

It does seem like they would throw a lot away to get the perfectly shaped carrots, but actually the guy who invented them did so as a way to use carrots that were originally misshapen and weren't "perfect" enough to sell.