Monday, December 11, 2006

More Cookies

I get infected with this bug every Christmas--I just have to spend way too much time making way too many goodies for people who weigh way too much already! Alas!

I finished the sugar cookies this afternoon, and as soon as they are dry, I will pack up a bunch to go into the Christmas packages that are headed for Michigan, Oregon, and Arizona.

I also have made three other kinds of goodies, and I've started the dark chocolate truffles. I promise, after I finish the truffles, NO MORE! Some years I've done caramel corn but I'll skip that this year.

Oh, and I had to try a a batch of peppermint bark that was selling for $24/lb at Sonoma-Williams just so I could say that I made it every bit as good and it only cost about $2/lb!


Ma Hoyt said...


That's it !

I am now officially envious.

Seriously though, you could sell those, they are so beautiful.

(doesn't it bother you to know you are making me look bad in front of my kids?)

Melchizedek said...

Those look familiar.

Maybe you made the same ones last year?

Thainamu said...

Maybe they are the ones from last year.

Thainamu said...

No, they're not. It's the fruitcake that is from last year.

ET said...

Stopped by to say hi. :)

Thainamu said...

ET, now I'm getting curious as to who you are.

ET said...

No one of significance, and I like being anonymous. I bet that’s driving you crazy! :)