Saturday, December 09, 2006


I don't really know why I keep making Christmas cookies, but each year I make a few standbys and then try a couple new ones too. This year we have butterscotch candies turning into stained glass cookies.


Ma Hoyt said...

Thainamu, is that parchment paper you are baking on?

PLEASE tell me you are not a professional......

Have you no regard for other peoples' psyches?

(oh yeah, could you post the recipe for those neat stained-glass cookies)

Thainamu said...

Ha! Funny you should notice the parchment paper. The first batch I made without it, and one third of them broke when I tried to take them off the cookie sheet. Realizing how much work it is to make them, I just decided I could afford the parchment paper this once! Possibly waxed paper would work, I don't know.

There really is no recipe. The cookies are just ordinary sugar cookies and fill the cutout holes with hard candy. I used butterscotch disks, but lifesavers work too, or any hard candy. The recipe says to crush the candy first, but that is too much work. If the cutouts are the right size, just use a whole candy. And be sure to let them cool completely on the parchment paper/waxed paper/cookies sheet before trying to remove them.

BishopCMB said...

Wow, neat!