Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another Holiday!

As soon as we got the official word that there was no work today, I started thinking I'd better cook up a batch of Ma Hoyt's Power Oatmeal. But when I couldn't find the recipe on her site, I discovered I already repeated the recipe a year ago on my site. Wow, blogging is a good supplement to my failing memory, huh?

The snow makes for good bird watching too. Yesterday I saw a pair of goldfinches in their winter clothes, and today a small flock of Inca Doves. I need to go add those two to my official bird list.


Ma Hoyt said...

Hey, did those birds look like this?

Cause I never did find out what they were, for sure.

Thainamu said...

Yeah, I bet yours were also goldfinches in their winter plumage, which isn't really very gold at all. The wings were strikingly black and white, however.

Melchizedek said...

I think I saw a little yellow bird ice skating on our birdbath.