Monday, January 15, 2007

Official End of Extended Holiday Season

Today is a holiday, MLK day to be exact. No work at the office, but that won't stop us from doing a few things around the house. One thing I did today was take down all of the Christmas greeting cards that I had taped to the wall for display. I left them up long past the other Christmas decorations--partly because I love to be reminded of all the friends we have (and partly because I'm so lazy).

As I took them down, I sorted them into categories as to who sent them:
  • 11 - relatives
  • 4 - coworkers
  • 8 - supporters
  • 2 - commercial companies
  • 6 - friends from our old church
  • 1 - friend from new church (Hmm, looks like we need to work on our apparently fading social skills.)
  • 1 - friend from an online forum
  • 7 - generic friends
Now that totals 40 cards, but let's not also forget the two that were unsigned and the four that were actually anniversary cards, making a grand total of 46.

(What is it that drives me categorize and count things?)


Melchizedek said...

Are generic friends cheaper than prescription ones?

Ma Hoyt said...

Ummmm....I have yet to send out our Christmas letter.

I think it's going to be a Valentine's Day kinda thing

Thainamu said...

Actually, generic, multipurpose friends are a lot harder to come by than specialty friends.

And I kind of like the idea of a Valentine's letter--it is too hard to read them all when they all arrive the last 10 days of December.