Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Getting Married and Living Happily Ever After

Today several thoughts about getting married have crossed my path.
  1. I guess it started last night when I saw that Cinderella boy from Boise State proposing on national TV.
  2. Next it was an email I received early this morning from the girl whose wedding Gary will be playing the processional for Friday after next.
  3. Then there was the blog by a 23-year old friend who feels like she's the "only" one who isn't getting married.
  4. And lastly, the email I got from a woman nearly my age who remarried in December, thanking me for the photos of said event that I emailed to her.
These are my thoughts in response:
  1. Cinderella boy and cheerleader girl, may you live happily ever after. (But the odds are against you.)
  2. You said the Lord is good for helping you to find "the one." I agree and I pray that you two will live happily ever after too. (But the odds for Christian marriages don't look much better than for the population in general. May God bless you with a strong union.)
  3. I'm sorry you are alone. I really am. But you're not alone in being the only one without someone. In the words of a 32-year old single friend, "There's an epidemic of singleness out there." Maybe it is time to consider that perhaps the Lord's plan for you is to never marry. (But the odds are against that. May God bring you the right person at the right time.)
  4. Your first marriage was a happy one, and may your second one also be. How blessed to "find someone" not once, but twice in life. (The odds are definitely in favor of you living happily ever after.)


Melchizedek said...

With all these single people you know maybe you could do some matchmaking.

Or not.

Thainamu said...

I do know a lot of single people. I'm just waiting for some of them to pay me for my matchmaking services.