Monday, February 12, 2007

Just the Facts, Ma'am

I was never a very good history student, so maybe that's why I like the "executive summary" passages in the Bible, places where the author condenses all the relevant facts into a short densely-packed passage. Some examples:
Do you know of other passages like that?


Melchizedek said...

Does the first part of John count?

And it's not historical, but what about 1 Cor 13 - "the most excellent way."

Thainamu said...

Yeah, the first part of John is a small example of what I was talking about. I Cor. is a densely packed treatise, but not exactly what I was thinking of.

I suppose the genealogies in the OT would have been a reminder of what each of the people did, but that's a bit too condensed.

I wonder if any of the Psalms would be that sort of summary, praising the Lord for a wide spread of things he did for the Israelites?

Melchizedek said...

There are Psalms like that, but I don't remember which ones.

Charischild said...

Between Psalms 78, 105, and 106, give or take some repetition, you have Exodus boiled down to 3 chapters. Not bad for a summary. Can you imagine singing the history of the church during worship?

Thainamu said...

And can you imagine the psalmist getting up in front of his congregation and saying, "Let's all sing Psalm 119--Just the first and last verses!"