Thursday, February 15, 2007

Servants In Luggage

Meetings have been going on in my office for the last week plus. Several of those attending meetings come from overseas. One particular attendee I've come to think of as Mr. Beast Of Burden--Bob, for short. All week long boxes have trickled in containing stuff for him to hand carry back to country X (I suppose I shouldn't actually mention the name of the country--in order to protect the guilty--but this country has a LOT of ocean in it.) I can understand the hard drives, the laptop, the prescription medicines. But what about 6 pounds of pinto beans?? And used tee shirts from the boutique?? Really, are there no tee-shirts to be had in this country??

He's more gracious than I would be if asked to carry all this stuff in my luggage. But I did hear him mutter something about someone starting their own personal cargo cult!

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