Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Too Early for Blogging

I don't normally blog at 7:45am. But today I'm up nice and early, in spite of the fact that I was going to take a day off of work and maybe sleep in. Sometime in the wee hours we were awakened by a strange click, click, click and noticed that it was pretty chilly. So I had to get up and fiddle with the furnace thermostat. Turns out that one of the AA batteries in the thermostat had leaked and corroded onto one of the terminals. So I cleaned it and replaced the batteries, and then tried to go back to sleep. No luck. Of course, this thermostat is so complicated it nearly requires one to have an HVAC license to reset it, so I'll have to spend my day off figuring out how to reprogram it.

In other news, when I checked my Facebook account this morning, it told me, complete with a cute little heart, that my friend Martha is now married! Yay for Martha. Nevermind that she's been married as long as I have.

Speaking of Facebook getting the relationships all wrong, yesterday Facebook told me that my daughter and her ex-bf were attending a Valentine's Party on Thursday. I don't think so.

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