Tuesday, June 10, 2008

God Is Watching Over You

OK, you don't have to listen to all of this music video, but it is the song that came to mind today as Rachel and I were having a weird experience.

Today was Rachel's payday, so we decided to go out this afternoon to do some errands together, one of which was picking up her paycheck and taking it to the bank to deposit along with some other checks she had in hand. She made out the deposit slip, laid it down on the floor of the car and off we went on our errands. We went to Cox Farms, we went to the Dollar Store, we went to the post office. Then we went to the bank.

But then she didn't have a pen, so we had to ask for one while sitting at the bank drive-through. Pen in hand, then she tried to find her check to add it to the deposit slip and we couldn't find it. She was getting frustrated because it was gone, to say nothing of the fact that we were holding up the drive-thru line. Then her phone rang. It was a total stranger saying she had Rachel's check. Apparently it had fallen out of the car at the store and some sweet old lady picked it up and contacted Rachel. So we rushed over to the store again, and realized: how did she know Rachel's phone number?? I said to Rachel as we drove, "God is watching over you." She went inside the store and found the little old lady with her check.

Turns out this lady called information and got our house phone number, and Andrew just happened to be on our side of the house to hear and answer the phone and gave the lady Rachel's cell number. When the lady gave Rachel the check she said, "God must love you a lot to watch over you like this." Rachel replied, "Yeah, my mom just said that too."

So, it the space of maybe 15 to 20 minutes her check was lost, and found, and deposited, and we were reminded that God is watching over Rachel. As always.


Cyndi said...

Thanks for being a mom, helping encourage all of our kids. They need all the help they can get, some more than others! You've got a lot going on in your life right now and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and all you do for others. God bless


Thainamu said...

Thank you, Cyndi. Kind words.

Ma Hoyt said...

It was good for me to read that today, Thainamu...thanks.