Sunday, June 01, 2008

How to make a Baby Book Cake for a Baby Shower

I've made my second fancy cake. Here's proof in a Picasa web album. And it even tasted good since it was homemade carrot cake. The theme of the baby shower was Children's Books.

How to make a Baby Book Cake for a Baby Shower


Ma Hoyt said...

Oh, you are so talented, Thainamu :-)

eclexia said...

What a beautiful cake. And I enjoyed the step by step directions on your web album, too. I was wondering how all your letters were so consistent, so it was interesting how you did that.

Your point about locking the cat up reminds me of the one time I made a book cake--my daughter wanted an open Bible for her 7th or so birthday. I made it and had it out on the counter, only to discover that her 3 year old brother had come in and eaten big chunks right out of the middle. We backed up, studied it for a while, and finally decided to turn it into a closed Bible. The final product wasn't anything quite worthy of making a photo web album with "how to" instructions, but if it were, I certainly would have needed to include the step "lock up either the toddler or the cake" :)