Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Blog Update

Wow, it seems like I've abandoned this blog, it has been so long since I've posted. I have been posting quite a bit on my family blog, since that seems like the best place to talk about all the family things we've had going on and to spew out all my cute baby photos. Last night I dusted off my minimal movie-making skills and used Windows Movie Maker to make a movie of Isabella and grandpa--less than 2 minutes, if you want to check it out on YouTube.

I am quite enjoying being a grandma. It is lots easier than being a parent, especially when it comes to sleep. The pain has long since been forgotten, but I have a favorite story I repeat--probably too often--about how I didn't get a full night of sleep for seven years, due to the fact that I was either pregnant or nursing.

In other news, soon I'll write a post about the publication and dedication of the Pijin Bible--the whole Bible. That recently happened and brings us lots of joy and good memories of the days when we were working in the Solomon Islands during the early '80s. God is faithful and it is a joy to see the fruit of one's work decades later, even from a distance.

I also made notes while in Washington about driving in Seattle--ugh, I hate driving! Maybe that will turn into a blog, too.

In some ways I feel like I might be on the cusp of some changes in my daily life. Maybe it is just that my interests have been changing some in the past year, and having so many family things going is a catalyst to make that a reality.

Enough blather--I need to go mop the kitchen floor. And vacuum the house. And balance the check book. And write thank you notes. And, and, and.

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