Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pro-Life and Anti-Abortion

I've always thought that abortion was killing a human being and I've always thought that life begins at conception. I base my thoughts on science--the fact that at the moment of conception there is a qualitative difference in the state of affairs as compared to the state of affairs the moment prior to conception.

But this post isn't about thoughts, its about feelings. And I just want to say that as I hold my "perfect" granddaughter, I feel that abortion is wrong. She is so alive.

And so were the 3500+ babies that were aborted yesterday in our country, to say nothing of the others around the world (one source puts that number at 115,000 per day worldwide).


Anonymous said...

Amen Sister!

Chris Austere said...

Just so you know, I'm about to rant a bit...

The acceptance of the concept of infanticide is directly linked to the eugenics movement. Margaret Sanger, founder of the National Birth Control League presently known as Planned Parenthood, believed that certain people should be discouraged from breeding. This concept is referred to as negative eugenics. This principle was applied to Blacks, for instance. Is it any wonder that there is a high disproportionate number of Planned Parenthood facilities in communities with large Black and Hispanic populations? The U.S. populace has been conditioned to accept this as a "woman's right to choose", when in actuality it is indicative of a culture that does not value life whose arrogance is expressed by the ridiculous notion that one person has the right to determine whether another person has the right to live. This is the antithesis of freedom!

On a slightly unrelated note, parents would be wise to question what the medical industry is injecting their children with in the way of vaccines. Many parents (and I am one of them) have unknowingly authorized their children to be injected with mercury. Babies are receiving twice the number of vaccines that they were only a few years ago. Bottom line: if they can't tell you what is in the vaccines you shouldn't expose your children to them.