Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Today Rachel and I went to a friend/colleague's garage sale. We did this to look for cheap stuff for Rachel as she moves into a new apartment soon (details here). She bought lots of good stuff, and I bought a couple things too. Our friend also just gave me a bunch of stuff for free including some rubber stamping supplies. When we got home we started going through our treasures and found some examples of old cards that the owner was keeping for getting ideas.

Rachel picked one of these samples up and said, "Oh, look, mom. She has the same stamp as you." I took the card, opened it up, and discovered it was a card I had sent her over 10 years ago! We got a laugh out of that.


mandie said...

we got a beautiful handmade card from you today! was our card made from some of the paper you husband brought home for you? You care such a blessing to us! And we would love to see you when we are in dallas. We are probably going to get a hotel because we dont want to make your house crowded (i know you have a lot of people there right now) and we will have 2 cats and a dog with us. But how about dinner or breakfast? let us know!

Thainamu said...

Yes, that is paper from Thailand and it makes great cards.

I sent you a msg on Facebook regarding your visit to Dallas--ya'll come!