Sunday, March 08, 2009

Changing Churches

A couple months ago we left the local church we had been attending for several years. Deciding to leave was a fairly traumatic process to go through, and telling people that we were leaving was even harder, partly because we decided it would be unproductive to go into the details of our reason for leaving. We made an email announcement about our departure to those who needed to know, and many people were kind and wished us well as we started looking for a new church.

We've started the process of church hunting, but I wouldn't say we are any where near settling down anywhere just yet. As background, Gary and I come from somewhat different church traditions, and we work in an interdenominational Christian mission, so we don't have strong denominational loyalties. We've personally experienced a variety of worship styles and intellectually note with some sadness that the body of Christ is so fractured by denominationalism. We know that churches come and go based on music styles, location, and leadership personalities as much as they do on specific points of theology.

Ah, so much to think about when church hunting.

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