Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Gary is gone, and it's Saturday, so I've had a slow and lazy day. I talked to Gary this morning via Skype, and he's doing well.

My day wasn't entirely unproductive. I continue to scan my old slides. The colors are a bit faded, and there are definite dust specks, but didn't we live in a beautiful place all those years ago?

Rachel got her hair cut a couple of days ago, but she didn't like the cut very much, so I recut it this morning. I think the results were satisfactory.

In exchange for a haircut, she agreed to go for a walk with me at the local park. We fed the ducks stale burned bread I'd been saving in the freezer. There were lots of "local" ducks (I guess they are just odd looking domestic breeds) but here are a couple "real" ducks to add to my Birdstack life list, Lesser Scaup and Gadwall:

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