Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Blog Birthday to Me!

I nearly forgot to celebrate--this blog just had its 5th birthday this past Friday. In blog years that makes it ancient, you know. My first blog was a test message; the one later that day was about my grandma's funeral. I still miss her.

In other news, there's a lizard in the back yard who seems to like bird seed--I'm not sure the cardinal appreciates that. (Click on the photo for a better view.)

In even more news, I bought three tickets to Ethiopia a couple days ago. It wasn't easy convincing the credit card company to let me spend my money, but finally I succeeded in getting tickets for July 13-29. Baby Isabella will postpone the celebration of her 1st birthday until we arrive. The third ticket is for Rachel--she hates being left behind, you know. And since she has her own job, she can buy her own ticket. Next thing to do in the preparation list: get 5 immunizations! Yikes!!

And still yet more news, I'm proud to say that on Thursday my baby David passed his oral qualifying exam and is now an official Ph.D. candidate.

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