Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birdstack: +1

I identified a new bird yesterday on the way home from a pleasant 24-hour stay in Granbury. It was a ring-necked duck, though I did not see a ring around its neck. (I guess the same guy who named the red-bellied woodpecker named this bird too.:-) Not a rare bird, but a new one for my life list. There was another duck species in this particular pond, but I was unable to ID it.

This morning I saw an Inca Dove in my back yard. I bet that is a sign that spring is coming. I keep hoping to get up to 20 species in my back yard in a single day. Many times I've hit 17 or 18, and a few combined weekend totals were up to 20, but I'm trying for 20 in one day.

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