Wednesday, March 03, 2010

24 Birds in 24 hours

I have been trying since December to observe 20 bird species in one day in my backyard. I keep a checklist on the frig, and tick them off as I see them each day. Many times I've seen 17 or 18 per day, and more than once I've seen 20 in a weekend. But today I saw 24 different species in the backyard! Of course, it is migration season, so that's why I'm seeing so many different ones. The only ID I was a bit uncertain of was the Bewick's Wren. I also saw a Carolina Wren, but I'm not sure if I know the difference between Bewick's Wren and House Wren. Here's my list (which I'm keeping on Birdstack):
1. Chipping Sparrow
2. Bewick's Wren
3. Brewer's Blackbird
4. Common Starling
5. Common Grackle
6. House Sparrow
7. Brown-headed Cowbird
8. American Robin
9. American Goldfinch
10. Cedar Waxwing
11. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
12. Carolina Wren
13. Carolina Chickadee
14. Blue Jay
15. Downy Woodpecker
16. Tufted Titmouse
17. Field Sparrow
18. Red-bellied Woodpecker
19. Dark-eyed Junco
20. Yellow-rumped Warbler
21. Mourning Dove
22. House Finch
23. Northern Cardinal
24. American Crow

Apparently I have not enough to do. And spend too much money on bird seed!

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