Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blogging and Baseball

I've pretty much been neglecting this blog of late. Most of my blogging energies have been on my family blog (see link on right).

Tonight I'm sitting in the living room watching Game 2 of the World Series, swapping Facebook comments about the game with friends, and realizing I could could be blogging on this nifty netbook while watching the game.

I'm too old to be bragging about my kids, but they all had good things to report recently: Andrew scored well on the GRE and really well on the writing section of it. Rachel had a good week getting caught up on things in general. And David emailed us today saying he had won 1st price for his poster at the grad school symposium and that prize actually had $200 attached to it.

Ouch, this game 2 is getting UGLY! I hope the Rangers do better when they get back to Arlington.

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