Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Two-year Bible?

Almost exactly two years ago we left the church we had been attending and moved to another. The first church passed out "read the Bible in a year" schedules, so I took one and started reading. (Some of those OT stories are rather depressing!) Then the new church had One-Year NTs, and I took one of those and dug in. Finally, last night at 11:40pm, I completed both churches' plans, reading the OT once and the NT twice over a two year period. I finished off Revelation by listening to the dramatized version on this dedicated mp3 player. (These struck my fancy in November and I gave several of them away for Christmas presents, though the non-dramatized version.)

I think it is great to read the whole Bible in a year, but I do find that sometimes it isn't so great to be led by a strict schedule. That is because so much of the Bible needs to be pondered slowly, read and reread. I have an elderly friend who calls it her "slow-read through the Bible."

Not sure what my Bible reading plan for 2011 will be, but I think I should do more pondering and then practicing. :-)

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