Monday, August 04, 2008

Go, Rangers!

When we first came to Dallas over 20 years ago we were semi-serious fans of the Texas Rangers. Baseball is the only sport I claim to understand (I don't have a clue about football). I pretty much understand baseball rules and have even been known to keep score on occasion. In recent years we haven't paid so much attention to the Rangers, but with our family's biggest baseball fan back under our roof (Andrew), we are paying a bit closer attention again.

Andrew, Gary and a friend from church went to the game tonight and they got to see a good one--walk off grand slam against the hated Yankees!

Also, it is the 15th anniversary of a famous event in Rangers' history--a game we were at--Robin Ventura charging the pitcher's mound where he found Nolan Ryan putting him in a headlock. I remember thinking at the time: this is not a very good thing for my sweet baby Andrew to be seeing. Well, maybe he wasn't such a baby then, age 14, but I do remember him saying he thought both combatants should have been thrown out of the game, not something easy for him to say about his hero, Nolan Ryan.

We've got tickets for the whole family for Wednesday night's game, and I think Andrew has talked his wife into letting Baby Isabella go to her first baseball game. He did this by excessive begging, mainly, but also by buying tickets that were out of foul ball range and in the no-alcohol section. We don't want any beer spilled on this pretty baby, now do we?

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