Thursday, November 20, 2008


Kitty tried to help Gary pack for his trip to the Philippines. I've heard from him (Gary, not the cat) a couple times. He seems to be doing well and had some funny stories to tell about desert at a fancy restaurant
And then the Filipina that I was sitting next to insisted that I should try "halo halo" for dessert. That's Tagalog for
"mix mix", and it is shaved ice with all kinds of things mixed in -- purple yams, green hard jello, jack fruit, corn flakes, coconut meat, and more that I couldn't identify.

I've made some good progress on my house cleaning, although I'd hate to have unexpected visitors yet. I've taken several more loads of Andrew and Laura's stuff over to the storage bin, I've recycled lots, and the computer department at work thanks me for the laptop cases if not the laptops!


tank said...

pakin' fur ur trip...
ur doin' it RIGHT! Lol.

Thainamu said...

That cat just loves enclosed places, and leaves her hair everywhere!