Thursday, December 04, 2008

Potty Report

A lot of today was spent talking and thinking about potties. No, no one has either diarrhea or constipation--this talk was about the replacement potties. Ya know, it aint that easy to pick them out!

I even got a phone call from the City of Dallas today about potties! They told me my voucher was on hold until I faxed them a copy of our water bill. I'll do that from the office tomorrow morning.

The contractor came today and we showed him our four drawings of possible floor plans. After getting his opinion, we have come up with a plan. The plan will include extensive plumbing issues, but he felt the plan was entirely workable and we think it will give us a very functional end result.

We've decided to rip the wall out between the two bathrooms, move both toilets, change both sinks, and put in new tub/shower combination in BOTH bathrooms. This is only barely possible in such a small space, but it is possible because we are moving the master bathroom sink into the bedroom. So technically the bath off the master bedroom will be a "three-quarters" bathroom, not a full bathroom. But there are many examples of dorm rooms, hotel rooms and even Rachel's apartment where the shower and toilet are together and the sink is in the main room.

So, if anyone wants to know what to get us for Christmas, Home Depot gift cards come to mind...

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Ma Hoyt said...

I imagine you're getting a bowl that has a smooth side (I'm talking about the part directly under the tank, actually), and not the standard shape that's been around for years (which my husband says is the cheapest) and has all those curves like a pipe and place to catch dirt and lint and is VERY HARD TO CLEAN?

Nothing crimps my gizzard more than having every toilet in my house (and the church where I'm janitor) be that exact same hard-to-clean shape.

It just makes me wanna spit, to think of it...