Saturday, June 24, 2006

He's Too Young For Me

Following the theme of yesterday's post, I want to share an excerpted version of the sweetest email I got today:
Dear Family & Friends,

Do any of you still remember me?? This past year I've not written many letters and no group letter. My excuses are poor vision, faulty memory and general slowing down in all areas of my life, But I still enjoy a good laugh, a happy greeting, and my meals. Many people my age (101) just quit eating but my appetite is A.1.

I praise the Lord that I've missed going to church only 3 times this year and I have a little ministry on Sundays. Our pastor prints out his Sunday sermons and I deliver 25 of them to members who can't get to church.

Some of you have been told by others about my Gentleman Friend. Well, I'm not afraid to tell you abut my John S. He's been coming to visit me almost every day. He loves to read to me and I like to be read to. We both have macular degeneration, but his is worse than mine. We love to walk outdoors and we do it often, but not this week when temps ran 100-106 degrees. Tonight John was reading a book which had some unusual words neither of us know. (John has a great vocabulary) so I had a Webster's College dictionary on my lap and looked them up. We enjoy learning together and laughing a lot. He even says he likes my sense of humor.

Well, I could fill this whole page about John. But he's only 93, so there will be no marriage. We do enjoy each other and haven't had one quarrel yet.

I was trying very hard in yesterday's email not to say "you made your bed, now sleep in it" or turn it into a rant about standards
compliance. I used my delete key a lot :-)


calm said...

You seem to overhear quite often :-)

Thainamu said...

Well, to be precisely correct, it should also say "Heard" and "Read." I just try to share funny little things I come across in the course of the day. Well, at least I think they're funny.

Atanamis said...

Yikes! Who really worries about a mere 10% difference in ages? Sounds more like a fear of commitment than a legitimate objection... That or a simple excuse because they are both set in their ways and unwilling to adjust to living with someone else at this point.