Friday, June 23, 2006

True Love

Be wise enough not to wear yourself out trying to get rich. 23:4

Today I talked Rachel into going to the pool with me. When we got there, we found a family she babysits for was there.

Cute little boy, jumping up and down: "Miss Rachel is here! Miss Rachel is here!"
Rachel: "Aw, Mom, it is so nice to be loved. Even if it is a three year old's love."
Me: "Three year old love is the best kind--completely unconditional."

Did you get new carpet?
No, I vacuumed.


MoM said...

The true love of a three year old comes and goes....based on the performance of the adult. Yet it is fun to see and help it mature into a deeper love, just as we watched our children learn this. Hope you are having a good summer.

Thainamu said...

You are absolutely right--none of us, at any age, can really love unconditionally. But we are blessed to have a heavenly Father who does.

I am having a good summer, but it is too hot and dry!