Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Some friendshops do not last, but some friends are more loyal tht brothers. 18:24

Gary observed that the Mother's Day sermon was about the virtures of mothers and the Father's Day sermon was about the vices of fathers. In other words, the pastor reviewed the sad statistics and results of absent and abusive fathers, statistics provided by the US Census bureau (not by a right-wing Christian group).

The proportion of children living with just one parent rose from 9 percent in 1960 to 28 percent in 1996. Currently, 57.7 percent of all black children, 31.8 percent of all Hispanic children, and 20.9 percent of all white children are living in single-parent homes.

--Source: Saluter, Arlen F. Marital Status and Living Arrangements: March 1994., US Bureau of the Census, Current Population Report. p28-484. Washington, DC: GPO, 1996. US Bureau of the Census. Statistical Abstract of the United States 1997, Washington, DC: GPO, 1997.

My kids are blessed to have a good father.

Fathers are not optional accessories for children - they are an essential part to raising the next generation.

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mandie said...

i relized this when i was 13 and my younger sisters friend confessed she kept turning down coming over our house because she would come home crying at the fact she didnt have a dad like ours (and at the time i felt my parents were overprotective and old-school)

i am blessed to have such a wonderful future daddy as a husband :)